Need some advice...2 months since BC

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Hello ladies,

I need some advice/suggestions.

I did the BC two months ago and since then I've discovered that I hate the shape that the stylist cut my hair into! I made a promise to myself not to blowdry/flat iron my hair again for 6 months and I'm trying to stick by that b/c I want my hair to be free to do what it wants.

Problem is, I always have to wear my hair back now! I'd love to wear it out but I just don't like how it looks @ all!

If anyone has any suggestions of styles that might work in my hair while I'm growing out the cut I'd appreciate it!

I don't like twists or braids in my hair b/c it doesn't suit me- trust me I look awful trying to rock these styles!

Here's some random, however very poor quality pics to better help you get an idea of what my hair is like.



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    I can't help you; I think the shape looks good, quite balanced actually.
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    Hello...and congrats on your BC! ITA with SBB, I think it looks good too. What is it that you don't like about cut? I know when I first got my "BC", I didn't like to wear my hair out too because I didn't really have a particular shape. The stylist just cut my relaxed ends off which left me with very choppy shelves all over my head which looked a hot mess curly and straight. I was able to get by by wearing cute headbands or puffs.
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  • CurlyTDCurlyTD Posts: 116Registered Users
    Thanks for your replies ladies.

    The problem w/ the cut is that around the crown area the stylist cut in a layer. While the layer looks nice on flat ironed hair it's not cute on curly hair b/c this is the thickest area of my hair (as w/ most ppl) and it shrinks up and doesn't easily curl like all the other parts of my hair. It has the appearance of a mushroom. It's hard to see in the pics, but trust me it stands out a lot in person. I've asked people and they all agree that it looks jacked up in that one area:laughing7: Thankfully it's growing out, but it still doesn't look good for now.

    I think I might try a rollerset and see what happens.
  • dsg-girlycurlydsg-girlycurly Posts: 343Registered Users
    Maybe you should try those flexi rods and use bigger rods in the top and smaller rods on the side/back. I'm attaching a video on cutting and styling. Your flat ironed style is very becoming.

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    Your hair is quite long for a 2 month old BC lol; it looks great. I have the same issue with the shelf type of layers so I mainly wear my hair back in a headband out of convenience. The flexirod suggestion is a good one, or you could try to stretch the crown area with clips as is dries. That works well for me when I'm tired of my fivehead on display. :)
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    LOL...Thx 4 your responses ladies!

    DSG- thx 4 the video!

    JSO- thx 4 the stretching tip! I'll definitely give it a try.

    I'm definitely going to try the flexi rods. I bought a whole bunch of them in a variety of sizes when I was in NY.

    I'll be sure to post sum pics when I finally get around to doing it! I'm hoping to give it a try sometime next week.
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    i like the cut too. i think the only thing that looks "funny" is the lack of a part or the natural fall of your hair in the front. it could have been just the picture (im referring to the last pic) though. i know i think my hair looks funny when its brushed back and dries curly vs when there is a natuarl part to it. plus, the way your hair falls in the front can be changed totally depending on if there is a part or not.

    i hope that makes sense....
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    your hair looks nice to me. your curl pattern seems loose. have you tried twists and then wearing it out? i think the part mike make a difference too. when your hair gets to a certain length (yours is already there) you've gotta figure out what to do with the front.
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  • CurlyTDCurlyTD Posts: 116Registered Users
    Thx 4 ur replies ladies.

    I added 3 new pics that show the shape of my cut better from the side view & front view.

    Subrock- What ur saying makes total sense! I included a pic that shows how my hair naturally falls. I'm trying to figure out which parts suit my curly hair as opposed to when it's straight. So far, I'm still in testing mode!

    Luvmylocks- I find that I love twist outs on my blowdried hair, but not when I do them from wet hair. I think I just need to keep experimenting and once I find a gel or butter that I like for creating twists maybe then I'll like the outcome. And as for the front of my hair, it's a struggle for me b/c it doesn't's just wavy. I'm still testing that out too!

    Overall, I think I just have to be patient & allow my hair to go thru this phase whether I like it or not! I just think that I'll lose my mind if my only hairstyle is a ponytail or bun until April '08! :laughing7:

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