Hair appointment--what should I ask for?

Make over my hair! Here is what it looks like now, only it usually does not look so shiny (it's just the camera flash that made it appear so shiny)


I am very frustrated with my hair lately (lately being like the last 2 years). I cannot seem to find any products that work for my hair. I went from having gorgeous 3a curls a few years ago to waves now that are frizzy, poorly defined, and fall out quickly. I almost never like how my hair looks now. Even when I put it up, it looks frizzy and lumpy and not shiny.

I'm going in for a color and a trim. Does anyone have advice on what I can ask the stylist to do to help? I want to keep my hair long for the next year so I can wear a pretty hair do at my wedding. Otherwise, I'd be really tempted to chop it, a la Katie Holmes. :)


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    bump :)
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    I think you have lovely waves!:love4: They don't look frizzy & lumpy!

    And I think they look hydrated, but then you say the shine is due to the camera flash. Well, huh.

    I was going to say maybe you're using stuff that's too hydrating & the curls are being pulled out. But now I wonder if you're not using stuff that's hydrating enough if it's still frizzy. :?

    I suggest a cut to take some weight off & help the curls spring up. Mine certainly did when I went in for a Deva cut, which basically amounted to the medium to long layers.
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    Iris--you have lovely hair! Beautiful shimmery color! My hair looked a lot like that until last summer, when I got it cut into a chin-length bob. Now it is VERY curly. You don't want to do something like that before your wedding, so I would go with 4 inches off the bottom. You have a very pretty subtle layer that looks like it hits just below your shoulder. That would be a pretty length all around, it would curl up well, and it is still long enough to put up. Plus, it will still grow a couple inches before next summer.

    I know how it feels when the hair stops behaving. Sometimes it just needs to be cut to give it a little more life. Wishing you a happy haircut!:)
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    your hair is beautiful. i made a sheet for my new stylist of 3 photos of my hair idols of my hair type, 3 old pics of me before CG in various lengths and straightness, and 3 present pics, one frizzy and 2 good hair days. then she could see what my hair could do. it's in my fotki if u want to see what i mean. so from there decide what your hair can do. long layers is always a good idea. let us know what happens
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    Thanks everyone! Part of the problem is that I miss my old curls, so no matter what, I don't know if I'll ever be satisfied with my waves. And I think another problem is the length. I like either longer hair or shorter hair, and mine is in between right now, so that's something I'll just have to wait on.

    Old curls:


    But my hair most days does not look shiny like it does in the picture I posted in my original post, and gets frizzy and loses its wave and definition pretty quickly. *sigh*
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    iris, how old is that curly pic? (beautiful, BTW!) Has your curl changed or did you relax it? Sorry if it's been mentioned before and I missed it. My hair has lost curl over the years. Keeping layers has really helped though, so the hair doesn't get too heavy and pull the curl out.

    What products were you using in the old pic vs now? What were you doing differently? These are questions I ask myself in trying to figure out the loss of curl. :?

    I would get a few inches cut off and add more long layers when you see your stylist. Good luck! :)
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