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I havent let my hair "go curly" since I was little, so Ive always brushed it out straight. But lately I have just been washing it, putting curling mouse in it and letting it air dry. I would like to see what the best product would be, something that wont make my hair rock hard. When my hairs wet it curls, but then throughout the day gets frizzy and rather flat. Does anyone know of some great products? Thank you everyone!!!!



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    Hi Megan, what's your hair type? Knowing your hair type will help determine what is the best products to use.
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  • sprwmnsprwmn Registered Users Posts: 3
    By the looks of things I would say a 2b. Its fairly think and normally cant blow dry it because it will poof/frizz. Yet tends to turn oily if i put certain products in it (but Im sure I just use the wrong kind of stuff).

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