The Best Darn Gel In The World!

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Ok, so I have been using Nexxus Headress lately as a leave-in condish. It has been working quite well with my hair, but I have been looking for a product that would give my curls more definition. So I mistakenly came across a sample size Exxtra Gel by Nexxus as well. I tried it in my hair today after I put in my usual leave-in. The results were freaking amazing!!! It's as if all my curls came out of hiding. I just looked in the mirror for a good five minuted amazed. I will try to post some pics of the miracle, lol, when I get a chance.

This is the first gel that has actually done what I have been looking for like defining my curls without drying them out.

I hope you guys try it!

I have been natural for about 3yrs now. Recently cut all of it off in April/07, I know some may think I am crazy...but for those who don't me I am a girl of variety..I NEED CHANGE!

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