What does it mean to "plop" and help with SheaMoisture.

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Well, we're on our way. :D I finally got the SheaM and the Aubrey's Organic Gel (but haven't received the conditioner yet). My daughter's hair is looking great, but more importantly, I'm noticing that it *feels* great. In the past, when it was damaged, it never felt totally detangled or soft, even right after I'd finishing detangling. Now it feels amazing.

Right now I'm just using Fuzzy Duck conditioner as a cheapo detangler and it works really well. Then I'm using SheaM mixed with a bit of Grapeseed Oil as a leave-in, with a bit of Kid's Organics thicker conditioner mixed with Grapeseed Oil on the ends of hair. I tried the Aubrey's Organics gel yesterday with eh results. I don't think I used enough, or maybe I didn't use it evenly, as a few parts of my daughter's hair got frizzy and didn't hold it's curl.

But, the SheaM is a lot thicker than any other leave-in I've used. How much should I be using?

And what is plopping?

TIA! As always!


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    Don't you just love shea butter? I don't measure how much I put on my daughter's hair, but I usually put in enough that it can detangle her hair. If I put too much I will squeeze some out of her hair or add water.

    I've never done plopping but here is an article on NC regarding the topic:

    - Maria

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  • jeannie_bjeannie_b Posts: 73Registered Users
    Thanks again!

    I don't see plopping in our future any time soon. lol
  • mariag002mariag002 Posts: 3,557Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    LMAO yeah I didn't think so
    - Maria

    Big Chop: 9/23/07
    Relaxer free for almost 5 years!

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    I am new to this website, but I've started doing the plopping and have found that I love the results. I was a bit unsure of it until I figured out how to do it correctly and there is no turning back! My husband laughs at me because of how the towel looks on my head, but it doesn't bother me because the hair looks great when I'm done!
    Very Curly and Thick hair.
    I think I have medium hair with normal to high porosity. And I need all the moisture I can get!!

    Currently using:

    C: Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing
    S: Ouidad CQ/Pureology Hydrate

    LI: AG Fast Food

    Stylers: AG Re:coil (super soak), then CIAB and some CHS CK on top.

    **trying CCCC & Beuticurls LI

    Style: scrunch and finger curl where I see the hair is not clumping well. Diffuse.

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