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Hi, I just joined after lurking for a few weeks and taking the opportunity to go no-poo and try out some of the suggestions here.

I have to say, my hair hasn't been in this kind of shape in YEARS! I can't thank you all enough. :)

Naturally I'm probably a 2a, maybe even a bit straighter than that. I always hated my barely wavy red locks and went curly via perms over a decade ago. With a perm, I settle happily into the 3bs.

I cannot imagine and never have been able to understand why anyone would want straight hair. Bah. :)

When I gave birth to my daughter my hair grew coarser, and now that I've had a hysterectomy and am on HRT my hair has grown even coarser and drier still. (I'm 40 yrs old, btw.) I struggled with it for years; it was so crunchy and frizzy and no matter what sort of conditioner I put on it, it just didn't seem to "take," if you know what I mean? I even went back to straight/wavy hair but I simply couldn't stand it, and it didn't change the texture of my hair nor its condition either, so what was the point? Back to my favorite curls. :)

I'll never go back again. Right now I am using a no-poo routine of an ACV-lemon juice rinse for clarifying (oh my lord how gunky with product my hair was before this, I never realized!) and lots and lots and lots of conditioner. I use a brown sugar/CO scrub weekly and for daily product, a tiny bit of LaBella gel with the homemade flaxseed gel and lavender oil spray for refreshing.

My hair is soft, and pliable, and bouncy, and beautiful. I'm in love!

(PS: I know this is naturallycurly.com and I might get kicked in the head for being here since I'm not "officially" a born-curly. But....please be kind. :happy6: It's kind of like getting to the place you wanted to be born, the fastest that you could. :toothy7: )
2b/2c - normal/high porosity - thin to normal density - normal elasticity. Hard water. TX.

Hair changed from straight, so still learning my new hair!

Current routine:
Cowash: Suave Coconut
Condish: Tresemme Naturals
Styler: La Bella Gel
PT: none yet, still looking, I know I need one!


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    locogirlp wrote: »
    (PS: I know this is naturallycurly.com and I might get kicked in the head for being here since I'm not "officially" a born-curly.

    No way! We are glad that you are here! Welcome :)
    3b/c CG routine
    HG line DevaCurl
    Password: Locks

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    We welcome all curlies! We're glad to have you!

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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