BSL do you style?

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So, my hair is about bsl when stretched and for the past couple of years I have been doing twists/twist outs, and have been tired of doing this for a while. A few times this year I have worn my hair out, like in a high pony tail like I used to do when my hair was shorter. However, I find that this is a hassle because I have so much hair and it takes so long to dry. Also, I find that I don't like having wet hair anymore, and in fact don't know how I used to be able to tolerate it. :lol:
What I usually do now is every couple of weeks I wash and condition my hair, then twist. I wear it in twists for about a week and the next week I take the twists out. I'm getting sick of doing this though and don't particularly like my hair the week that it is in twists because the only thing that I can do with it is put it in a pony tail or in a bun. I don't like the way I look when I wear it this way as opposed to wearing the twist-out which I think looks much better.
How do you style your hair? I need some ideas please!! TIA!
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