i love qhemet biologics!!!

lalapixielalapixie Registered Users Posts: 242
finally ordered the sample pack and love everything except for the honeybush hair tea gel ( not the hold i need to bring out my curls so back to pure aloe vera gel or diluted ic fantasia ) but the moisturizers are my hg moisturizers now i like mixing the olive cream detangler with the olive honey balm think i will use the amla olive heavy cream in winter

overall very impressive and i will be looking forward to new products in the future
violently happy


  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    I love the Olive and Honey hydrating balm as well as the Amla pomade.
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  • mom_is_queenmom_is_queen Registered Users Posts: 63
    I love everything :lol:.
    1 year Napptural 17Oct05
    Happy to be Nappy Qhemet Junkie :)
  • JaneBondJaneBond Registered Users Posts: 1
    do these products have preservatives in them?

    jb- :)
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  • MeyerGirlMeyerGirl Registered Users Posts: 170
    I really like the Olive and Honey hydrating balm. I added some cold pressed olive oil to it to make it more spreadable. I also have the heavy cream which I use sparingly on my ends.

    Re: preservatives: There are parabens in some of the products.
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  • lalapixielalapixie Registered Users Posts: 242
    i love it all too even though i wont use the honeybush hair tea gel for hold its a great lightweight moisturizer i asked qhemet if she would consider a medium hold gel for more versatility and a shampoo and rinse out conditioner i have other products that i use but for once i would love to be faithfull to one line

    has anyone used the herbal henna softening oil???
    violently happy

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