Stupid rain......grrr!

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Why oh why is it that whenever I straighten my hair, it ALL of a sudden wants to get dreary, humid, and eventually rainy?! Yesterday morning, they said NOTHING about rain. Then today, it's all cloudy and may sprinkle later. And tomorrow, it is supposed to rain.

Can I not have ONE day....ONE day, where I straighten and it's not humid. The serum I'm using it helping a ton, but dammit! Give me a stretch of a few days where it's sunny and clear. Geez....

End rant.......:laughing7:
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    It completely agree! After i got my hair done at Yodit (she flat ironed it after my annual trim) the drizzle came down and then rain later that night after I went out. I had to wrap my style with a cute scarf but I hate that it rains everytime i get it straightened lol
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    Talisa, I'd love to see a picture of you with straight hair. Maybe a picture will last longer LOL

    I'm not afraid of the rain anymore like I used to be. Then again if I paid $40 to get my hair washed, trimmed and blow-dried and it rained 3 hours later I'd be pretty pissed.

    It snowed on Thursday and my pretty rollerset curly hair went POOF :laughing7: and frizzed up. Thankfully I can just wet a brush and do a quick ponytail. Had that happened with relaxed hair I would've looked like a wet cat LOL :thumbdown:
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