Am I a 3b,2b,3a??help me

curlyxo10curlyxo10 Posts: 64Registered Users
Ok I have had feedback from fellow curlies but I want to make sure. here is a picture oy my frizzy hair. =[


  • NotinabottleNotinabottle Posts: 303Registered Users
    I replied to your other post on the general board but I didn't tell you what type I thought you'd be.

    But i'd say somewhere around a 3a/b.
    3a/b Thick, dry, in need of a haircut.
    HG's: Giovannia Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Aura Hypoallergenic Gel.

    Whee a fotki!
  • curlyxo10curlyxo10 Posts: 64Registered Users
    Thank you!! now all I need is products. I have been reading all the boards. I might even try to make something. :wink:
    Im so excited to be..curly!

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