Help curlies.Im new.I need products!

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HELP! I was on other boards and they toldme I was a 3a ish 3bishh I really need help to get those frizzys away. im 13 and want to let them free.
Im in the process of getting the CG book. Fellow curlies help!!


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    While you wait for your CG book, read the first thread, "introduction to the No-Poo method" on the forum entitled "Going shampoo-less". That's a good introduction to CG techniques and routines. Routine is as important as product, I think most here will agree!

    Once you read the thread, and hopefully your book, soon, you'll have a better idea of which kinds of products to try.

    To decide the exact product, you'll need to figure out what your budget is - there are good drug store products as well as more expensive professional brands. I always like to look at 3A people's signatures at the end of their posts because they often list their current favorite combination of products.

    But start with the thread and the book and I promise it will all be a lot clearer!

    Also, I once found a list of acronyms and abbreviations for products (CO, AVC, CK etc) that help new people, but now I don't know where it is. Can anyone help with this??
    3A - fine, just above shoulder length, w/red color and highlights.

    Product: Suave Coconut leave in, Joico Joiwhip mousse, Angell or F/X Curl booster on wet hair. Sometimes rotate in ReCoil/CK.

    Routine: Scrunch with cloth diapers, then use Shellynot's clipping method. Diffuse a bit without touching hair. Leave clips in at least half and hour. Remove clips and air dry.

    Day 2: Pineapple, no product.

    DT once a week with DevaCare OneC

    "I got a crush on Obama."

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