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Egh well i feel some dumb when im reading these thread's i usually have no clue what im reading maybe because im a guy im not sure but i feel left out =[.I need some good recipes for my hair like things i could use instead of shampo,etc i dont want any styling gel or hair spray i think that stuff's ikky half the time i think there talking about styling gel? are they or is it some gel that keeps ur hair nice lol see im dumb =/ but yea if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreicated heres a pic of my hair =x Note*Please suggest some good recipes for my hair lol's i want it to be pretty and it's my baby so i dont want it to get hurt =p try to explain the recipes in a simple way lol all these names of stuff i dont think i understand yet but im getting there atleast i think i am =o



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    Noone likes helping me hmmmmph! =x
  • eweniqueewenique Registered Users Posts: 1,502 Curl Neophyte
    Spend some time reading these forums, especially Curl411, Going Shampooless, and Recipes. You should find lots of helpful information about how to care for your curly hair.
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