Newborn pediatrician advice

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Here's my situation. I am very happy with the pediatrician and practice we use for my 3yo and it's really close to home and convenient. BUT he does not have privileges at the hospital where I will be having this baby (a small community hospital with a big midwife presence). My mw told me that if I don't have a pedi picked out at the hospital, the baby will be examined and released by one of their NICU docs. My feeling is that if I have a healthy baby and want to go home early and not be hassled about breastfeeding or extra procedures, a random NICU doc may not be the way to go.
There is a pediatrician w/privileges at the hospital that I've heard good things about as far as being into holistic medicine and accepting of "crunchy" parents. I feel liek he may be more likely to let us go home early. So, should I use him at first so he can check us out at the hospital? I doubt I would use him long-term because it is a 30 minute drive as opposed to a 5 minute one. And I feel kind of morally wrong going to see him if I don't plan to stay long term. I know it's not really unethical. People change docs all the time for all sorts of reasons. But I still feel uneasy about it.

What do you think?
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    I would go with your second option and switch doctors once you're out of the hospital. I don't really see anything wrong with switching doctors, so I wouldn't think twice about it myself. He'll still get paid for the services he provides to you and your child, and I don't think you're making a commitment to any doctor after just one visit. Since it feels wrong to you though, you will have to decide just how important it is to you that you don't "wrong" the dr. and weigh that against wanting to go home earlier.
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    For a well-baby, it's really not necessary for the ped you use to have privileges at the hospital where you deliver. The house ped can check the baby out. The hospital and staff don't have much say about when you leave the hospital. It's not don't need permission. You can leave whenever you like.
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    How early do you want to leave, and why?
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    I will go by how I feel, but if I deliver in the AM and feel good and all is well, I can see not wanting to spend the night in the hospital. I've done this before, I know what I am doing and I think I will get better rest at home in my own bed.
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    With Karan, I'm not even sure a Ped ever even saw him in the hospital. I'm pretty sure it was the ward NP who did the well baby checks. But that was a big teaching hospital.

    I've ended up in a similar position to you this time around delivering at a community hospital - my family doc just withdrew privileges from the hospital and so my baby will be seen by an family doc who generally sees my OBs deliveries (we don't have primary care Pediatricians in Canada).

    I talked to my OB and found out that at our hospital there is a general policy that you can leave as soon as after 6 hours following an uncomplicated vaginal birth. That is a policy supported by all the doctors so in the end it doesn't matter who sees the baby. We also have a well-baby check from a home nurse the next day.

    I think you could probably make it work with either scenario. The worst that can happen is that you may have to bring the baby back either to the hospital or to the doctor's clinic for a check up in the following day or two.
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    i've met many peds that won't take a patient back after they leave the practice (due to a lack in continuity of care, blah blah)..

    if you want to leave the hospital, and mom and baby both check out well, than the nicu docs should be fine..

    once they release you from the hospital they usually want you to follow up with your ped anywhere from 24-72 hours later anyway..
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