Help me =D im new lol

Ok so heres the deal i havnt been shampooing my hair or putting anything in it for like 2 weeks =O but like i can feel my hair getting greasyy =/ but im never gonna shampoo my hair again so i need to know what to do to my hair =D like what things to use in the shower etc all that goodie goodie stuff.Heres a picture of my hair Dry you can kinda see my hair but my amazing hoodie is blocking the rest but ill try and get more pictures of my hair just click the Picture's for A bigger and better view lol sorry for making you have another thingy load =/

Dry Hair. With Amazing Hoodie =p

Now heres one while my Hairs Wet

So yea basically theres my hair and i really would like to no what i need to use for my hair to make it gorgeous lol im not gonna put styling gel or hair spray that damages your hair and i think that those thing's are gross id like to know some recipes i could make for to use instead of shampoo and conditoner i dont like split ends basically shampoo and conditioner is for people with straight hair i found that out by using it lol i noticed my hair gets messed up when i use it and gross egh anyways id really like some help =D


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    So you haven't put anything in your hair for two weeks? Have you just been rinsing with water, then?

    Your hair probably feels greasy because water alone will not remove the natural oils your scalp produces, and those are coating your hair. What removes these oils is motion -- you need to scrub your scalp vigorously with your fingertips in order to remove the grease that accummulates there.

    As for getting rid of all the oil that's already in your hair, you may want to try a lemon rinse. Invest in a light conditioner (I like Suave Tropical Coconut) and mix about a quarter-sized blob with about 2 Tbs of lemon juice. Pour that over your head and SCRUB. Your hair will be clean without the use ofany harsh chemicals.

    Now, shampoo and conditioner aren't just for straight hair. Some shampoos can be helpful in removing build-up on curly hair, and you won't find a single person on these forums who doesn't use conditioner (sometimes three in one shower!). Moisture is essential to curly hair, as it is what controls frizz, and curlies can get this moisture from conditioner. Since your hair looks pretty good with nothing in it, you may not need to much moisture -- you could probably stick with the same light conditioner for both conditioner-washing (applying conditioner to the scalp and scrubbing, to help remove dirt and grease) and regular conditioning (adding moisture to the length of your hair).

    That said, shampoo, conditioner, hair gels and hairsprays are all not necessarily bad for hair, as long as they don't contain "bad" ingredients, such as drying alcohols, silicones, mineral oil, or heavy waxes. Unfortunately, most products do, which is probably why you've had bad luck with them.

    Hope this helps, and keep asking questions!
    Location: North NJ or NYC
  • CurlyJoshuaCurlyJoshua Posts: 49Registered Users
    My hairs a 3a/3b you think? and do you know any recipes i could use instead of using conditoner and shampoo =D?

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