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Okay, I'm 32 years old, and I've finally decided to go from 20 years of relaxers to my natural biracial curly hair. I'm tired of having my scalp burned by chemicals every two months. I'm tired of planning my whole life based on precipitations and high humidity! I'm tired of not going swimming because of the thought of spending an hour "fixing" my hair afterwards. I've decided to free myself from my hair!

Based on the hair type article, I think I'm a mix between 3C and 4A, but I don't know for sure. My mom is Haitian and my dad is French-Canadian, and I've always had trouble finding the right style and product for my type of hair. Black hair products always made my hair fall flat and feel gunky, while products aimed at White hair seems to suck the moisture out. That's why I always found it easier to relax. I always liked the fact that I could run my finders into my hair.

Looking at my last pre-relaxer picture (from when I was 12!), I am a bit scared about how the growth turns out after I cut all the relaxer out. I'm also dreading the poofy-ness of my hair in the next few months, but I hope to find suggestions or support from other transitioning curlies on this website. I just looked at mariag002's journey back to curls, and that gave me hope!

Does anyone know of any alternatives to gels for defining curls while avoiding stiffness and crunchy-ness? Also, is there a way to "camouflage" the line between curly growth and straight relaxed ends?
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    I'm transitioning too. I got my first "chemical" at the age of 12 too. I think I have a mix of 4a/3c. Sorry I can't answer your questions about what products to use because I'm in the same boat. But what I can tell you is that this website is amazing. These girls have awesome fotkis chop full of advice and product recommendations. You are right about Maria. She has a wonderful fotki. Good luck!
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    If you're talking about me, thank you!

    Transitioning is hard and takes alot of willpower, but its NOT impossible. We were all in your shoes and can relate to you. Someone told me to treat my new growth with the relaxed hair as if my hair was all natural. To me the opposite was true, I always rollerset my hair so it was easier for me to hide or blend the growth by continuing to rollersetting. As my natural hair grew longer it was harder for me to comb it. It was easier for me to continue to treat my new growth as if it were as delicate as relaxed. I just cut back on heat significantly.

    Get a good trim because sometimes transitioning hair will shed.
    Start taking pictures to see your progression. As Suburbanbushbabe said once, its like watching paint dry LOL
    I don't co-wash, but I do use cheap shampoos. Aphogee does wonders. Deep conditioners, shea butter, and fantasia gel are my life savers.

    Just keep posting questions here and we'll help you. Cclark is right about Fotki, I learned so much by looking at other pictures and reading journals.
    - Maria

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    Sometimes I think transition to natural is like training a dog -- you're the one who changes, not the dog:santa:

    You're gonna love running your fingers through your wet, detangled, moisturized hair.
    The NP where I get treated for hormones (menopasue) said she loved my hair. Her hair is lovely, probably 3b, but she blow dries it to a flip and has great color. She asked me did I comb it dry, and I was like:toothy3: OMG no! Fingers through it dry? No!! But you're going to love your texture.
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