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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    Wow, Harry has changed so much from your avatar! He's totally adorable and his name fits him so!
  • PartyHairPartyHair Posts: 7,713Registered Users
    Awww, Harry! He's a cutie pie!

    I love his name.

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  • geminigemini Posts: 3,325Registered Users
    I love his name too, it totally fits him!

    CUTE photo!!
  • cosmicflycosmicfly Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    What a cutie!
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users
    He's really adorable. So alert. What a fun age.
  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users
    He's beautiful!
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    what a great pic
  • fuzzbucketfuzzbucket Posts: 996Registered Users
    Thanks, guys. It must have taken 30 photos to get that one. He is always on the move! I still need to get a picture of his dimply grin. (He has two dimples!) But when he sees the camera, he's like "Oooh! Shiny!"
    Hair type: 3A/B
    I lurk, therefore, I am.
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