MA "Sproose" = good results!

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I think I may have figured out what my hair likes as far as products and routines go. This morning, I conditioned with Elucence, then followed the Jessicurl instructions for RR and CC. I added a tiny bit of HESMU (I like Body Envy better, but my Rite Aid is out!)Then diffused (it was kinda cold today) and when it was completely dry, added some of my new two favorite products - LOOB and a new thing I found -- put out by Mark Anthony called "Sproose" (that's how it's spelled). Then I turned my head upside down, scrunched and fluffed. PERFECT :) I really like the "Sproose" stuff; it's like a combination of hairspray and mousse. Perfect for taking the crunch out of the Jessicurl products.
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