How Long Have You Been Natural?

msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
I've been 100% natural for a few months.
"It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."
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  • ConchShellsConchShells Registered Users Posts: 67
    August 2002 for me :D
    Currently kinky but relaxed with Phytospecific Index 1
  • imlaimla Registered Users Posts: 163
    Since August 2002.
    Hair Type: 4a/b dense, fine, coily hair. Natural 13 years.

    Staples: Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil S & C, aloe vera, almond oil mix, black soap shampoo and bentonite clay.
  • spiral-ncspiral-nc Registered Users Posts: 716
    It will be three years in September.
    spirals, kinks, s-shapes and coils.

    H is for Henna and Healthy Hair!
    Use only the PURE STUFF
  • zsazsazsazsa Registered Users Posts: 85 Curl Neophyte
    Since 1988 (That one relaxer was enough for me!)
    but released from the hot-comb/flat iron 4/05 :D
  • CammydollCammydoll Registered Users Posts: 23
    6 year since my last relaxer and had my first at 13.
    My hair is fluffy, wavy/kinky with very fine numerous strands.
    Hair album some see!
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    stopped relaxing november 2000
  • kbabykbaby Registered Users Posts: 63
    I'm a last relaxer was August 20, 2004 and I've been 100% natural since May 28, 2005 -- so tomorrow is my 2 month nappiversary!!! :D
    K Baby
    100% Natural!!!
    4A with a little 3B/3C hanging around
    BC -May 28, 2005
    pw: hair
    check out my new yahoo page:
  • CherishCherish Registered Users Posts: 1,847
    Last relaxer was in April 1998
  • CoilyCoily Registered Users Posts: 96
    Almost 11 years.
    combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp
  • AnoxiaAnoxia Registered Users Posts: 64
    100% Feb 14th of 2004
    Transition: May 03
    Bc'd on Feb 14, 2004
    Length: 8 - 10'
    Type: THICK curly/coily/wavy
    GOAL: Healthy Bra Strap Length
    HG: (I'm going to step out on a limb here and say...) Smooth N Shine Curl Activator & Fantasia IC w/ Sparklites
  • Curlee QCurlee Q Registered Users Posts: 523
    1 month for me, yesterday was my 1month anniversary. :lol:

    natural since 6/05
  • CoilyCoily Registered Users Posts: 96
    combo hair: dry hair/oily scalp
  • ImaraImara Registered Users Posts: 28
    I am comming up on 5 years in Feb! :P :P
    "We expect the states to show us whether or not we're achieving simple objectives—like literacy, literacy in math, the ability to read and write."—on federal education requirements, Washington, D.C., April 28, 2005
  • earthlycoilearthlycoil Registered Users Posts: 71
    My last relaxer was January 2004, but I wasn't 100% natural until March 2005.

    5 months for me.
  • amarilla505amarilla505 Registered Users Posts: 164
    lets see...i stopped relaxing Feb. of 2003 and did the big chop in Sept. of 2003 so i would say about almost 2 years sporting sporting and 2.5 of growth :D
    Truly Aesthetic...mind, body and spirit ;)
  • OldSoulOldSoul Registered Users Posts: 268
    I bc'd Aug 19, 2003. My 2 year anniversary is coming up! :dance:dance.gif 8)
    The poster formerly known as JCrysy
    Mostly 4a-} OS spongy

    Current faves: Trader Joe's Nourish, Suave Color Care Co, Abba Nourishing, FOTE AVG, Taliah Waajid mist bodifier
  • CurlsWannaHaveFunCurlsWannaHaveFun Registered Users Posts: 251
    Since Fall 1999.
    4a with 3c patches/LOIS daughter O/S spongy fine, natural since 1999

    Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
    - Vince Lombardi
  • LadyJAHLadyJAH Registered Users Posts: 81
    Completely natural since Sept 2006
    Last perm was May 2006
  • LadyLibra1982LadyLibra1982 Registered Users Posts: 203
    going on 2 years the day before St. Patrick's... :D
    Lady Libra
    i stick with the description "OS thready thick"

    my curly fro now is at collarbone when straightened.... basically the length i had when i started transitioning! hooray for growth!!! =)
  • vanes16vanes16 Registered Users Posts: 131
    Since I was born
    3b-4a hair & CG

    Suave Apple conditioner
    Oyin burnt sugar pomade
    coconut oil
    castor oil
    shikakai powder
  • JusticeDSTJusticeDST Registered Users Posts: 96
    My last perm was July 2004
  • ZinniaZinnia Registered Users Posts: 7,339
    5 years this August!

    essentially starting over again because of a bad haircut in july 06, but will not relax ever again.
    Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. Anais Nin
  • LadyJAHLadyJAH Registered Users Posts: 81
    I have been natural for almost 5 months now.
  • Ms. Naturally CoilyMs. Naturally Coily Registered Users Posts: 120
    I have been natural for 8 months.
  • luvmylocsluvmylocs Registered Users Posts: 7,578 Curl Neophyte
    almost 8 years....
    a dreamy pisces :fish:
    please recycle, it matters...
    i change lives...through fitness
    i'm more relaxed being natural
  • FleurztyFleurzty Registered Users Posts: 795
    Cut the relaxed ends in Nov. 04, but last relaxer was April 04.
  • st. louis bluest. louis blue Registered Users Posts: 404
    I'm right at my three year anniversary. BC was about a year later.
  • CurlilocsCurlilocs Registered Users Posts: 821
    Almost 2 years! I stopped relaxing in March '05 and BC'ed in June '05.
    Free your Mind and your Hair will Follow :)
    Curli's pics
    album pw: bangz
  • holly8holly8 Registered Users Posts: 632
    i`ve been a natural for a month but it feels longer,my sister was like ''shouldn`t your hair be longer now?''than i said i just cut my hair a month ago.she feels the same way as i do,the only complement i got from my mom was''your hair looks crazy when its short it would look better when its longer''she diasprove about me becoming natural and she thinks that i`m obsess with hair because i know how to take good care of it better.
    Natural since Jan 2,07
    I did a BC
    Hair type:3C\3B
    Multi-racial hair
    Hair length:Started at neck and ears(in its curly state).In Dec 08 (2 years natural) My hair was somewhere near armpit length with bentonite clay in my hair.

    Mission: to obtain healthy hair every day!!

    Hair products:homemade products.....

  • afro*T*siacafro*T*siac Registered Users Posts: 7
    Last relaxer was December 1999...


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