Another Self-Trim Question

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When you trim your hair, do you trim straight across or on an angle?
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    i trim my hair on freshly washed 2-strands.

    i undo one twist.

    comb it through from end to roots with a wide-tooth comb.

    comb it through from root to end with a fine-tooth comb.

    smooth the section down between my middle and index finger, leaving the tips exposed.

    then i take my sheers and snip straight across.

    i apply a little oil, retwist, and repeat on the remaining sections until my entire head is trimmed.

    i still like to wear my hair straightened from time to time.

    my hair is one length all around, so i have to make sure i trim evenly.

    sometimes i snip only 1/8" off; other times i take 1/4" to 1/2 " off, depending on how ragged my ends have become.

    i used to go several months between trims, which would require about 1/2" being trimmed. but i've discovered that my hair benefits from more frequent "dustings" of 1/8" every 2 months.

    this works for me.
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  • msjokermsjoker Registered Users Posts: 1,658
    Thanks Rain!
    "It moisturizes my situation... preserves my sexy."

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