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Fill this out real quick
I got the Curls for the Girls and the Waves for the Babes!
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    im on the CG routine and ive found that since ive been on it, i dont have to use oil at all. i see from the other thread your getting "better" products so maybe that will help with hair dryness. [buylink=]elucence moisture balancing conditioner[/buylink] is super good for dry hair.....
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    For MY HAIR I do BOTH.
    I always have, because 'I'm old and set in my ways' :D
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    3cmale wrote:
    Fill this out real quick are funny. I oil my hair. I haven't oiled/ greased my scalp in years!
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    I don't think I need to oil my scalp and hair since I've been on CG. I do it because it feels good! I do both! :)
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    I do both, more often in winter than summer. My skin is very dry all over my body, so my scalp needs it. I do all my hair as well, not just the ends, but I do put more on the ends and hairline as those are the most delicate spots.
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