Transitioning in braids

ttrowerttrower Registered Users Posts: 33
It's been four months since my last relaxer and I got braids about 5 weeks ago. I'm starting to wonder what happens when the braids need to come out.

I've read that hair should rest between braids, but that seems hugely impractical since I still have to style my mop and go to work. Can I go straight to another stretch with braids without risking breakage. If not what should I do in ther interim. I have been getting a deep conditioner every 3 weeks to try to keep my real hair/under the extensions healthy.



  • Flower princessFlower princess Registered Users Posts: 608
    You must let your hair and scalp rest for 2 days at least.In that period you can do braid or twist out,roller set,straw set or catch ur hair in a protective style.Good luck!:nike:
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