Bigger, nicer, curls?

curlybrnnacurlybrnna Posts: 7Registered Users
Hello. My hair is 3c, and it's usually very tight and springy, but recently, I've tried to achieve some bigger curls than usual. Nothing worked.

Besides using a relaxant on my hair, what else can I do to make my curls BIGGER? Any special products, and if so, where can I find them?


Edit; My friend was wondering if the product "Totally Twisted" by Herbal Essence is good for curly hair. Actually, I'm kinda wondering too. And if not, what type of inexpensive product line can give us these flawless curls we want? (:


  • jeannie_bjeannie_b Posts: 73Registered Users
    I'm certainly no expert, but in my limited experience, the "finishing" product I use (the final, final one) makes a difference in the size of my daughter's curls. I just discovered that, too. Doh.

    I used gel yesterday and some of her curls were almost 1/2 the size of her curls when I was using CurlKeeper as a finishing product.

    I wonder if others have had that same experience.....
  • choconillaprincesschoconillaprincess Posts: 24Registered Users
    Whenever i use protein for the 1st time in a long while i get plumper, thicker & yes bigger curls... but i'm still trying to figure out how to hold onto them... i started using mane n tail a couple weeks ago & my curls were so juicy! but i couldn't keep using it for my daily wng because of the protein buildup... I've been alternating w/ suave humectant but still no luck at getting my big juicy curls back... hth
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  • jujucabanajujucabana Posts: 153Registered Users
    i use aloe vera, pulling it through my hair. my curls join together to form a curl.

  • curlybrnnacurlybrnna Posts: 7Registered Users
    thanks guys, I'll try some of your ideas.

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