Gift Idea for Curly Niece

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I have a beautiful niece with the biggest beautiful curls that you can imagine. She has a totally different hair type than her mother (kinky) and her father (straight). They do a good job with her hair. Usually it's pulled back in a ponytail. But the poor thing hates to have her hair combed. She cries and cries because she has so many tangles. They just wet her hair then comb it out. Is it appropiate to sent some curly hair products for Christmas or suggest this site to my sister in-law. She is so sensitive about her children and I don't want to offend it. What do you think?
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  • veronicaveronica Registered Users Posts: 77
    Reading the Curly Girl book and then finding this website was the best thing that ever happened to my hair. How I wish I had discovered it as a child!

    I can't tell you if your SIL would be offended or not because I don't know her. How old is your niece? Is she old enough for you to give the book to her and let her decide if she wants to follow any of the suggestions in it?

    I assume that you are a curly yourself. Maybe if you approach the SIL as "one curly to another" it might help her not be offended?
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  • bbbeccabbbecca Banned Banned Users Posts: 232
    maybe try getting her a denman brush. I heard about them on this site and theyre supposed to be a painless way of detangling curly hair.

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