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I am the mother of a bi-racial 5 year old girl. I have no experience working wtih curly hair until her. Anyway we recently went and got a salon cut and the beautician recommended "relaxing" her curls. she is a 3c. To make a rambling story short, I thought this would just loosen some of the tighter corkscrews not make it all straight puffy and somewhat stiff. I feel like I have ruined my beautiful daughters lovely curls. What can I do? Can this be reversed? Does it have to grow out from roots? If so what are some tips to ease the transition? I just want her curls back. Please someone help me make this right.


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    it can't be reverse it must grow out that means transition:(Try to braid her hair,or keep it in protective styles. Keep it always moisturize and if you can, try to do a deep condition on her hair from time to time coz the hair become fragile at the point the two texture meet also try to do low manipulation when the growth begins to grow (to prevent a lot of breakage) get used to finger combing also.Good luck!!:nike:
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    ITA with Flower princess. Just keep it moisturized. Does she have any curl left at all? Sometimes the relaxer will take for a while and then it'll curl again. The relaxer is permanent. I'm sorry that you didn't find this website before you had the relaxer put in her hair. I had a similar thing happen to me when I was younger. My aunt put a relaxer in my hair when I was a child w/o my mother's permission. My parents were furious. My mom transitioned me back to natural. I didn't get a relaxer again until I was 14yrs old. I wish that I wouldn't have gotten one then. My hair grew back pretty fast. I don't even remember the whole ordeal.
    Good luck to you. The best I can say is to amen what Flower princess said and keep it moisturized.
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    Ivoryrose...I'm so sorry. I can understand how you thought "relax" would mean that her tight curls would be a little less tight and more relaxed vs. "straight". Hopefully your daughter's hair grows pretty fast. You can just keep trimming a little bit off every month until it's all curly again. The ladies who commented gave you some good advice and you'll also find lots of great information on this site to take care of her hair hair. Be sure to read the threads in this forum as well as the Parents of Curlies forum. Good luck and don't beat yourself up. At least you know now and you can raise her to love her curls so she won't feel like she ever has to get a relaxer.
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    Virgin hair once relaxed comes out alot different than women who constantly relax their hair over and over again. My mother went and got my sister a relaxer (and I flipped!) and she has never gotten one again and her curls look loosened a little bit but all and all its still pretty nice. If anything it made it a little easier to straighten. From now on when you go to the salon with her and you want it straight just ask for a roller set or something. Hope I could help, i'm also of mixed race.

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