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I've just started wearing my hair curly again after straightening it for 6 years. My hair is too dry right now after all the straightening and coloring I've done to it to wash it everyday but I can't get it to go right on the second day. Can anyone tell me their 2nd day routine. How do you get the curls to bounce back up and not look too frizzy. Should I be adding more product or just wetting it down? Thanks in advance!!!


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    What hair type are you, and what products are you using?

    I also straightened my hair for years, and I still color it. I've been able to achieve 2nd day hair with Jessicurl products... they are wonderful! Sleeping on a high thread count pillowcase also helps.

    Do you plop? When I started plopping, I saw a big difference in the ability of my hair to retain it's curls.

    On my second day, all I do is spray with water and scrunch. Jessicurl, plopping, sleeping on a good pillowcase, and refreshing with water and scrunching. It's been working great so far!
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    Thanks so much for the reply. I am somewhere between a 2a and a 2b mostly a 2b. Since I am new to this I am not using really good products yet. I've been using Panteen curl defining mouse and FX curls up. I plopped the first time this morning. I will go get a spray bottle and try that and I think I will look into the jessicurl products everyone here seems to love them. Can you only get them online or can you get them in a store? I also have a satin pillow case somewhere that I will pull out and try. This site has been great I've learned so much in the last week. If I had known how to handle my hair all these years I wouldn't have straightended it or permed it. (Yes permed, I grew up in the 80's and had to have the biggest hair possible lol!!) Thanks again!!
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    Speaking of Jessicurl - she has this great curl-reviver called Awe In-Spirling spray that I use on second day hair w/ success. My hair never looks as good the second day (forget it looking better!) but it is usually passable if I use this. Just be careful not to use too much - it has some oils in it that could weigh your hair down as the day goes on.

    I also like to wear my second-day hair in a head band or partially pinned up (a la Carrie Bradshaw in the early years), so if it is a little frizzy it's not as noticable or it looks like I did it on purpose!
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    I make my own spray to pump up my second day hair. I put about 2 Tbs of conditioner (don't use one with cones or it will gum everything up), 1 Tbs of epsome salt, and 1 Tbs of Gel into an 8 oz spray bottle with hot water and shake. When I get up that second day (I pineapple, btw, since my hair is longish) I just mist it until damp and voila! I usemostly Aussie products, but you have to check them if you are CG. They tend to have cones, but usually in low amounts. :smile:

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