Who's a member of menopause club??

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Thinning hair or wrinkles? Can we talk hormones?? And I don't mean our 'tweens or teenage children. :laughing7: I'm noticing more wrinkles since my birthday a few weeks ago. I swear I get them all at once and grey hair grows overnight.



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    Me! I'm Our Lady of Perpetual Perimenopause:oops:. It's been 7 years. Interrupted sleep, serious fogginess/forgetfulness, belly fat, retained weight, melasma, a little chin wattle, low to no sex drive. Last period was in July then I got constant hot flashes; my body was trying to manufacture estrogen something bad! Went on bio-identical hormones in September and things started to improve - I actually sleep through the night now, feel less like the fading cheshire cat or pre-Alzheimers and do have a sexual impulse every now and then!. I get very low level spotting from the hormone cream and recently got another period (fine with me). I also started to have headaches so I'm trying the same dosage but spread it out 3x a day instead of 2x to stop them so my hormone levels stay level.

    ETA forgot the thinning hair; had a small bald spot in June; thankfully the hair has grown back. And those crone hair sprouting from my chin like stee wool
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    Hello SBB!! I'm so glad you posted. I knew you were trying bioidenticals but wasn't sure how they were doing for you.
    My hair is thinning on my crown and bangs. The back and sides are growing just fine. I'm looking into hormone issues (but I don't have nightsweats or hotflashes) and seeing what I might need to add. I've recently been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder and started taking Buspar and Xanax and wondering if these can contribute to my hairlose. I've gained 12 lbs since starting them, but that's ok for the first time I have boobs and a booty. :laughing7: As far as the forgetfulness, I added more B12 & B6 into my diet and my fogginess is nearly gone and I'm not nearly as forgetful as...well, I forgot when I started to forget things. :D

  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Registered Users Posts: 31,259 Curl Connoisseur
    I'm almost 46 and I'm just now starting to notice some peri-menopausal symptoms. My periods are spacing out...every 5-6 weeks rather than the every 4 weeks they used to be (not complaining about that). I've woken up during the night a few times lately VERY hot and sweating. I'm not sure if it was due to a hot flash or to it actually being hot in the room (maybe that's denial speaking). Hair is still fine...I shed a lot, but I've always been like that...and wrinkles are minimal and appropriate for my age.

    I have no plans to ever take synthetic or bio-identical hormones...but I'll leave that option open if/when the symptoms ever get to be unbearable. My mom suffered a LOT with hot flashes, but she was younger than I am now when they started, so I'm hoping to not have it as bad as her. I'm really and truly hoping to get through menopause gracefully, without too much b1tch1ng and complaining, or too much suffering. I want to "just get on with it" and not call too much attention to it. We'll see how that plan works out...
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    I think I was a flapper in my former life...lol!! Covers came on, flap them off, flap them back up....never ending cycle. Well, I was thrown into sudden menopause October 24, 2006, and it hasn't been bad so far. I'm just having hair thinning issues right now.

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    i've been menopaused for about 4 yrs now since age 54. hot flash here and there, dryness, otherwise no biggie. am trying hormone cream for the dryness. we'll see what happens next-luckily my hair's ok so far....
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    I am, finally. Just two years now. I didn't think it was ever going to end. I had some serious hot flashes starting about five years ago but they are not as strong and I don't have them as often now. But I think hot flashes are a small price to pay for not having all the flooding. No hormones or bioidenticals for me - I had breast cancer in 2000 (I'm fine now:blob7:).

    Fine, 3A, but a lot of it.


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    I think hormones are more necessary at my age though due to bone and heart health really more than hotflashes and nightsweats. I haven't had a period in 1.5 years and I don't miss 'em.

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    I'll be 51 in a couple months and show no signs of menopause yet (I keep begging my doctor to take my darn uterus out cuz I'm sick of it all, but to no avail.)
    The only hormone related sympton I have are occasional night sweats. I've had chin hairs for years, I have wrinkles and age spots due to sun damage, and saggy skin and jowls due to age.
    I don't have thinning hair or dryness issues yet and my sex drive has been thru the roof for the past couple years after a low spell for a few years. I'm in the best shape I've been in for years. I feel great. So far so good!
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    I haven't had a period in 19 months but have hot flashes and night sweats. I thought when the period went away, so did the hot flashes but I guess that was wrong! Actually, they come and go some days worse than others. I have no sex drive:thumbdown: My poor husband!:angry7: He is a saint. I don't take anything to speak of for any of this, just regular exercise and Yoga. Yoga really has made a difference for me. Has helped me to be more accepting of life and the changes that happen.
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    I haven't had a period since mid November... I have the covers on and off all night but I think i'm getting used to it. I have low level hot flashes that just started a few weeks ago and everything else seems to be holding steady :) I walk a lot, do yoga, take lots of CoQ10 and fish oil and vitamins.
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    Me! Peri started for me at 37. I'm 44 now. Symptoms get worse every year for me. In case y'all don't know about this site, it has great info. on peri and menopause: http://power-surge.com/

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