Golden Compass, Book v. Movie

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(no spoiler in this post, but later on, there may be spoilers)

With the movie coming out tomorrow, I've decided to voice some concerns that the movie may not live up to the book. For starters, the book clearly describes Mrs. Coulter as having dark hair. Very dark. Why would they change this detail?

Nicole Kidman? Very blonde. I have no questions that Nicole Kidman can play the sweetly poisonous Mrs. Coulter well, but she's supposed to have dark hair! The book also describes Lyra as having very blonde hair, but the stills from the movie have her with dirty blonde/very light brown hair.

The daemons in some of the stills look ridiculous. Some of them look ok, but one particular still with the golden monkey looked just silly, like a cartoon.

I kinda thought the witches perched on their cloudpine branches, instead of holding them in one hand and flying, but maybe that is a misreading on my part.

By the way, I am hypercritical of all movies based on books (if I've read the books.) I generally enjoy the movies, I just have to think of them as "inspired" by the books, and not as adaptations.

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    I was wondering myself about the fair -haired Nicole Kidman playing Mrs. Coulter. I have to wonder why. I mean, I love her, but why couldn't they change her hair to fit the part? It's not like that is unheard of and it was stressed very specifically in the book that she has dark hair! I haven't noticed the daemons in the ads, as I haven't seen many of them though.
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    I saw it today... I won't put any spoilers here unless someone asks...

    but they changed quite a lot. One of my friends had not read the book and just loved it, but me and my other two friends were like, "why?!" It was an interesting adaptation, but I was disappointed.

    But the bears were really cool. :D
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    We went to see it on Friday night. Now, I want to read the books and see what all was missed and was changed.
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    Bump! The DVD is out so I finally saw it, ha.

    The casting was pretty good. Kidman still annoys me, but that character is supposed to annoy me, so it was OK. I love Sam Elliott's character, and I love Sam Elliott, so that was awesome.

    Some of the changes were pretty weird. DH hasn't read the book, and he was all, "WTF happened to Daniel Craig? Why even introduce him?"

    I loled that they never call it the Church, only Magisterium. Family values!
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    I read recently that Kidman was specially requested by the author to play Mrs. Coulter. She was going to refuse the part, but accepted after he contacted her personally.

    I LOVE the idea of daemons. I wish that part were true.
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    Don't worry, you still have your daemon, it's just inside like Will's. :) Me and DH have been calling the cats our daemons.

    Now that you mention it, I did hear that about Kidman. But it was probably when the movie was in theaters and I'd forgotten. I wonder why he was so set on her. It's kind of amusing, considering how irritating that character is, haha.
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    I just couldn't believe it when she struck her daemon. I gasped out loud in the theater. How could she?!
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    I thought Kidman was perfect, honestly. The blond bothered me at first, but I kind of liked it. Dark hair is almost always the evil color. For once, the bad (or at least not GOOD) character is blond.

    And yeah. I can't believe she hit her daemon. I thought Kidman did a remarkable job. You want to hate her, but she still has that motherly love for Lyra... I mean, you still hate her, but at least she has one redeeming quality.
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    I haven't read the book, but I saw the movie recently and I'm obsessed with trying to find the books (I have a friend who's going to lend them to me, yay!).

    I read an interview that said the author realized too late that Mrs. Coulter actually was supposed to be a blonde. It's a bit weird the way he phrased it, like the characters are really there, and he's merely transcribing what happens.
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    I'm glad you're getting lent the books for free, but just FYI around here anyway they are in every B&N, etc.

    After you read them come and post in the "spoilers whole trilogy" thread! It has not been bumped in a while, but I'm always ready to reply in it.
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    Okay, I'm finally finished with the first two books, and part of the third one. Honestly, I've been having a difficult time getting to read The Amber Spyglass. It's not that it's bad, it's just that every time I sit down with it, something comes up, and when I finally sit back down, my mood's been two ruined to read.

    Anyway, I LOVE Lyra. Even though she's just 13, she's the kind of heroine I really identify with: crude, lonely, a bit crass, but with a good heart. And the whole thing about what the knife can't cut through made me feel all snuggly and warm inside! Ahh, this series is brilliant! I think I like it almost as much as HP (and in some areas, it beats out HP).

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