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I've been using Devacurl products now for about 2 weeks. I use the Low-Poo and the One Conditioner in the shower, then the leave-in [buylink=]Arc Angell[/buylink]. When I get out of the shower, the hair trap is FILLED with hair. I tried going back to my old shampoo, and the trap was back to normal, with only a few strands. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else losing hair from Low-Poo?
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    Could be that because there are no sulfates (therefore less lather) you're massaging your scalp and hair more and that's causing more hair removal. I always lose a ton of hair during shampoo but haven't noticed an increase with the low-poo.
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    I lose a ton of hair with [buylink=]DevaCurl Low Poo[/buylink], and any shampoo for that matter. I think I lose less with just using conditioner but I could be mistaken.
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    When you go back to your other shampoo do you use the same gel?
    I've noticed after I straighten my hair when I shower the next day not as much hair seems to come out as when it's curly, in my case it's because of the hold in gels and such, it keeps it in my hair as opposed to falling and me not noticing.
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    Actually, I'd say just the opposite. I've always been a big shedder, but since starting CG in July, I've been shedding only 1/3 or 1/2 as much as I used to when I do my daily conditioning. When I co-wash once every 7-10 days, I lose more, but I attribute that to the friction of my fingers on my scalp loosening up dead hairs. But even then, I'm only shedding what I used to shed before going shampoo-free.

    Maybe you should try to go a few days between shampoos, even if you are using a sulfate-free product. I use a sulfate-free shampoo every month to two months just to freshen up, and when I use it I find that my hair is "crispier" than before. My hair really just loves conditioner and rebels against anything else.

    Good luck!
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    I'm a huge shedder but I think since Shampooing less ( I have used low poo tice this month) I'm shedding alot less.
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    I've been using [buylink=]Deva LowPoo[/buylink] for months now and I don't notice any difference in the amount of shedding. I've always lost a lot of hair in the shower - the longer I go between showers the more I lose when I do shower - and it's no different now. I have a ton of hair so it's never bothered me - I just figured it's normal and my hair never seems to get any thinner from it.
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    I attribute the giant hairballs to not combing my hair when dry anymore. I only comb the back of my bed head once through on non-hair days, and in the shower on hair days. I'm sure if I was combing/brushing like before my "curl-liberty" days and collecting all the hairs it would equal that scary clump in the shower. (I like to scoop them off the comb, rub them into a huge clump and scare my husband with them before throwing it out -:laughing7: )
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    momedusa wrote: »
    ... I only comb the back of my bed head once through on non-hair days, and in the shower on hair days. ...

    This phrasing just tickles me!

    I don't use low-poo, so I can't comment on its affect. Like several others have said, I shed more on days I shampoo or co-wash.
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    I lose a ton of hair when using the devacurl products.
    It didn't used to be that way, I always loved them but this fall I used them after a few months off them and my hair started falling out really badly.

    It's not just that product so I assume it's something in those and other products that's doing it. I just had to weed out what I could and could not use. Wheat is a problem for me but even a few things that don't list wheat are a problem.

    Whatever causes it you're not alone
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