Also looking for styling product

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probably a gel , I've been trying to do the CG routine but what would you recommend for frizz control?!?!?!?
Deciding what to be when I grow up!!!
Mostly a 3b with thick, dry, frizzy hair. Using Jessicurl CC, re:coil, jessicurl conditioners and Elucence and Curl Junkie


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    I find that when I'm doing the CG routine correctly and using products that are appropriate for my hair type, I don't have any kind of frizz problem.Right now I'm using [buylink=]kinky-Curly Knot today[/buylink] and [buylink=]kinky-Curly Curling Custard[/buylink] OR V05 Strawberries and Cream and Jane Carter Condition/Sculpt. And I have no least none that I'd consider a problem. But different things work for different people.

    Personally, I never found loading my hair down w/ heavy gel produces a good result (re. your gel thread).

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    While a good gel will help with frizz, the main point to focus on is hydration; if your hair is not properly moisturized you will have difficulties reducing frizz.

    Trader Joe's Nourish is a good, very moisturizing conditioner that can be used as a rinse out, a DT or a leave in. Adding honey to your rinse out conditioner should also reduce frizz.

    Two leave ins that can help with moisture and frizz issues are sheamoisture shea butter leave in (it's a thick cream, not literally a butter) and giovanni direct leave in (much thinner, but very smoothing slippery consistency).

    Starting with a base of well conditioned hair, then a moisturizing, smoothing leave in, will help a good styler (doesn't have to be a gel, though those are my favorite types) deal effectively with your frizz issues. HTH

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