Jessicurl users who color- light or rich?

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Anyone who uses jessicurl products - could I ask a bit of advice:

I have fine hair, so normally use lighter products. However, due to some hair coloring "set backs" (so traumatic, can't even talk about it), my hair has gotten dryer.

I want to try jessicurl, but not sure if I should go for the lighter trial pack (good for fine hair) or the rich trial pack (good for dry hair).

In some ways, it seems like a no-brainer - I should do "rich" and try to restore some moisture to my hair - but I just thought I should check in case there were any fine-yet-haircolored people who had thoughts on the matter.

3A - fine, just above shoulder length, w/red color and highlights.

Product: Suave Coconut leave in, Joico Joiwhip mousse, Angell or F/X Curl booster on wet hair. Sometimes rotate in ReCoil/CK.

Routine: Scrunch with cloth diapers, then use Shellynot's clipping method. Diffuse a bit without touching hair. Leave clips in at least half and hour. Remove clips and air dry.

Day 2: Pineapple, no product.

DT once a week with DevaCare OneC

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