Great hair day.....sort of

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So I'm transitioning. My new growth is about 3 inches. I just didn't want to wrestle with it this week. I decided NO HEAT this week. So I put in the leave in conditioner and slicked it back in a bun. I was so nervous that my students and the other teachers would think I looked like a freak. Because seriously....that's what I felt like!! But on the contrary, everyone loved it!! I was so surprised. I was even told that I was working this look. That's crazy!!! But I'll accept it! I still don't know what the heck I'm doing with this transitioning stuff. But I'm meeting so many girls going through the same thing that I feel comforted. Thanks for letting me ramble!!

p.s. I don't want my hair to tangle in this bun. Any ideas to keep it healthy???
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    I am pretty sure that you didn't look like a freak!
    You have a very pretty face, so I can see the bun
    working for you.
    I am not going to be much help here, since I don't
    like to put my hair in a bun or do any kind of updos!
    I keep saying that I am going to start now that its
    longer, so we'll see.
    Anyway, what helps me from the tangles is using a good
    leave in conditioner. I leave in about 50% than style.
    I would think that in a bun it would tangle less because
    it's neatly protect unlike wearing it loose. Do I still get
    tangles? Yes, but not as much as before I transitioned.
    I also lose very little hair. HTH :wink:

    P.S. I was also doing weekly protein DT until I did my BC.
    My hair doesn't mind the protein.
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    I hate ponytails too, but it helped me during my transition. Everyone here gave me advice on buying nice headbands that would help hide my bad hair days. One thing I liked about ponytails is it kept my natural hair protected. I didn't wet it every day either and stayed away from too many gels. :glasses9:
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