The peelies...

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Since I've been using the AHA daily my skin peels and flakes. I'm having a hard time finding something to wash with (complexion brush, buff-puff, exfoliating gloves, etc.) with that isn't too abrasive --but yet helps slough off the peelies.

What does everyone else use?

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  • VTmomVTmom Registered Users Posts: 2,487 Curl Connoisseur
    I use either a baby washcloth or a facial sponge (not a scrubby or abrasive puf - it's literally a sponge). Both are gentle to my retinized skin.
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    I exfoliate with a buff-puff once a day with my regular cleanser (in the mornings). My problem is that I can't see the flakies well enough in my bathroom mirror, so after washing I then go to my super 10X magnifying makeup mirror with a warm damp microfiber washcloth and wipe off any stubborn flakies. That really helps me to get them ALL off, so they don't torture me later in the day.
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    I haven't peeled at all. I'm surprised because I have normal/dry skin. I wish I would peel. My skin will just feel tight & dry.
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    I've started using the Clarisonic - one of Oprah's favorite things - it's like a sonicare toothbrush, but for the face. I'm loving it!! :love10: It's gotten rid of all of the "peelies" and smoothed the surface wonderfully. I was afraid it might be too rough, because I have sensitive skin, but it's nice and gentle....
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