perfumed and unwashed

HI-- for the last year I have been dealing with an illness that sometimes makes even things as simple as washing my hair a huge chore. Soooo I got some hair powder from Stila in the same frgnrance i love for my perfume (vanila creme)- you can get it at Stila or at Sephora. Just throw some of that on yor scalp and shake it in ad you have people wondering why you smell so good and only you know it's been a week since you shampooed your hair :cheers: Hope that helps.
have to admit I sometimes feel a little like Marie Antoinette powdering my hair but only I know about it so that's fine. Jst tonight my husband was breating deep my hair (unwashed for four days) and telling me I smell like baby powder (which would probably also work or at lest you could start with to see if it helps) plus hte powder soaks up any excess oil. Good Luck with the stink head.

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