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I have been transitioning for a few months now but most of the time I wear my hair straightened and in a pony tail. I would love to wear it natural more often especially since I found out my 'permed' hair isn't really straight, just a really loose version of my natural hair. My hair is only straight on the very ends of the top layer of my hair. I would post pictures, but I can never get around to it until I straighten my hair again. Anyway, I hate wearing my hair in ponytails. However, since I work at subway, my hat is apart of my uniform and the only way my hair fits under my hair is in a pony tail. I don't have the money to get extensions and I wouldn't like the full braid look not that I have the money to get that done either. Are there any other ways I can wear my hair natural at work that I could attempt to do at home? TIA


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    While transitioning it was very hard for me to figure out what worked with my "new" hair. You sound like you're at an advantage because your relaxed hair has elasticity. I went to Fotki and read up on everybody's techniques, products they used, etc.. and experimented. I learned that rollersetting was the easiest way for me to transition, Fantasia gel in my ponytail was the best way to prevent frizz, Dominican blowouts would last me a good 2 weeks and I didn't have to worry about unmanageable hair. Braids are good and they've helped many people on the board, but I'm too tender headed for braids so that was never an alternative for me.

    I hear ya on ponytails, I hate them too! But it was good during the transitioning phase because it kept my hair protected. I just made sure to buy cute headbands, wear make-up, and buy lots of hoop earrings LOL At some point you'll make it work. Buy a hair magazine and experiment with styles.
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