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2c?! I am so confused!

Heather67301Heather67301 Posts: 6Registered Users
My hair used to be curlier without much effort,but since highlighting it, cutting it short, flat ironing every single day....it is not as much. I am growing it out now, and trying to treat it better!
Anyway, I think I am 2c, but I don't know....If anyone is good at this, please give me your opinion...My pics are in the yahoo link, my webpage is my business site.

Edited to add it is normally very big, frizzy, and thick, I don't have pictures of its natural state.


  • hollyphollyp Posts: 50Registered Users
    Hi and welcome :D !!!!!! I would say 2b/c. It is so hard to tell sometimes with pictures. Your hair looks so healthy! When I highlight a five years ago my hair looked fried!
    Bentley my dog is my avatar
  • Heather67301Heather67301 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thanks, Holly! Mine was fried when I did them myself when I was in high school, but since getting them done at the salon, they have done so much better. I just hope it grows fast! I think it gets curlier when it is longer, but everyone tells me it shouldn't because of the extra weight......I guess we'll see!

    The [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Jessicurl-Rockin-Ringlets-Styling-Potion-p-100.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=jessicurl-rockin-ringlets]Rockin Ringlets[/buylink] has been the only thing so far that has taken the frizz out, it feels a little weighted down though, so I guess I will still be experimenting.......
  • hollyphollyp Posts: 50Registered Users
    Don't believe everyone about the weight of longer hair pulling out the curl! As my hair has gotten longer it has gotten way curlier!
    Bentley my dog is my avatar
  • Heather67301Heather67301 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Good, so I am not crazy! I am sure it was curlier when I wore it long. :)
  • SparkyFoxSparkyFox Posts: 2Registered Users
    Pretty hair! I don't think your a 2C but probably a 2B. Coarse hair is usually more dull looking and yours is very shiny.
    2C, Thick, Dark Brown, Coarse, just below shoulder length. Currently using homemade poo with no sulfates once or twice a month, One Condition, and Rock'n Ringlets. Plop all night and let slightly damp hair air dry in the morning.
  • Heather67301Heather67301 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thanks, though I don't think it is usually shiny. When I flat ironed, I would pile on tons of biosilk to get a shine. Of course, I started conditioner only a week ago and it is much better. I will try to get a product free pic in soon.
  • newenglandnewengland Posts: 6Registered Users

    I think your hair is great -- that's what I would love to have , great waves but not too curly.

    I used to have wavy hair but over the last couple of years, the texture changed a lot. Probably because of the tons of grey hair coming in. So the last few yrs I tried thermal reconditioning (didn't like at all and messed up the condition. Have been blow drying, flat ironing etc but it takes over 45 min. Tired of that -- so I want to see if I can wear it natural -- at least sometimes, as a break.

    You mentioned that your hair is usually big and frizzy etc. But the pictures look great -- I would never guess that it was big and frizzy.

    What have you been doing to make your hair look so good?

    Thanks so much!
  • Heather67301Heather67301 Posts: 6Registered Users
    Well, alot has changed due to the cut. A few months ago, I got it thinned and chopped, it was about midway down my back. Also, I have been using a lot of oils:apriocot seed, rosehip, and olive oil to deep condition with. I haven't used shampoo for a week, and I think that has helped a lot. Also, I have been putting about a handfull of organic aloe gel on it right after conditioning, seems to help keep it hydrated. Oh, yeah I used White Rain citrus fortified conditioner, I think that is all besides the Rockn Ringlets, I use about a palm size puddle of that, so I use a lot of stuff in it.

    Before this it really was dry and frizzy, undefined, just big. The more I think about it though, it may be not as bad now. I just haven't wore it without any products for a while. :)

    I don't think have any pics where I didn't load up the products and/or flat iron,I have always been too self conscious. :?

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