Lip glosses ???

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I've been a lip balm & lip stick person for so so, so very long (since early 20s & I'm early 40s now) & decided to try some lip gloss at Bath & Body Works several days ago.

It was the apothecary brand, in cinnamon mint.

It tasted so good & gave my Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Toffee one helluva shine, unlike anything I've ever seen in any of my lip balms or lip sticks! I'll grant it that much.

But I'd be walking around with my mouth open so I don't disturb the lip gloss, so I don't have to apply it every 30 seconds give or take. Like I did that day with the new trial tube the gal opened for me.

Are there any lip glosses that aren't so sticky & stay on as long as a balm or stick? :sad7: I'd like to like them, give them another chance.


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    :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9: :laughing9:

    in a word...


    sorry Liz!

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    Dang it!

    That might be why I stopped wearing them when I was a teen. :dontknow:

    They have some awesome tastes though, I guess. Well yeah, I'm sure they do, a whole lot better than lip stick! :laughing9: But I can get some pretty good flavors in lip balms too. :wink:

    Oh well, you win some, you lose some.