Has anyone seen a curly version of the Posh Bob (or similar)

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I know EVERYONE from old ladies to little kids has this haircut now but I was wondering if anyone has seen a curly version.


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    How about Rihanna's cut? It's similar.


    By the way, it's an "inverted bob", or "concave bob". :)

    Here are some more pictures of the same or similar cuts worn curly-ish:

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    I think Winona Ryder's is cute (off to the right in the link).
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    I remember having this haircut in college about um, 15 years ago...just without all the layering.

    Yesterday I saw a girl with a longer version and it was soooo cute. I was wondering what would happen if you tried it, layering and all, with curls. I think it would be cute.