styling help, please!

okay. im sam, and im 14, and ive only been wearing my hair down since february. my curls are about 3b now. used to be 3c but ive dyed it a few times and a little of the curl has come out. i have no problem with that.

the problem that i have is how i have to style it.

i have to get up early early early in the morning and take a shower and when i get out of the shower soak my hair in this gross, sticky, gooey gel (i use herbal essances set me up because i have drugstore availability) and its really disgusting until it dries and when it dries its crunchy and looks fake and doesnt dry evenly and makes my hair clump together. AHH!

does anyone have any suggestions for me? remember I'm on a little bit of a budget and I only have drug store availability. and sallys, if its not to expensive


  • shannyfroshannyfro Posts: 14Registered Users
    Sallys has good products. I just bought Ion for curly hair and it worked pretty good. I had some frizz but my curls looked natural and weren't crunchy at all. They looked pretty today. It costed like 5 something a bottle.
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    Do you have fine hair? Sounds like your gel might be too heavy, goopy for your hair. The SMU gel is a bit heavier. Maybe you can try the Body Envy one which I think is slightly thinner consistency. Also if you don't want your hair to clump too much maybe raking the product in with your fingers can break some of the clumps up.
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  • bosoxsamantha23bosoxsamantha23 Posts: 3Registered Users
    no, I have REALLY thick hair. I'm going to try to go to sally's soon.
  • patooshipatooshi Posts: 41Registered Users
    gel doesn't work for me at ALL..
    i only use leave in conditioner, theres garnier , sunsilk , pantene pro-v , and the herbal essences one that comes in the orange bottle..
    one of those would be good
    and if you want them to say frizzy free then buy mousse or hairspray (tresemme is awesome :D ) all of this stuff is about 5 dollars a bottle
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    Sounds to me like you may just be using too much gel.
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