deciding when to do the BC...? HELP please! lol

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if you don't want to read all this and you have transitioning experience just get down to the last part

okay i really wish i had pics to show all of you but i don't because my camera sucks!

well my initial plan was to wait until my natural hair was at a length that i was comfortable with which would be in may 08 and do the bc...

but handling my hair has been absolute HELL! i hate straightening it... i feel so guilty... i feel so guilty even blow drying it straight! i know that it will stop my hair from being the crazy curl that it is becausethe last relaxer was sept 06 and my natural curls didn't seem to start showing until june 07 and thats when i decided to transition!!!

my curls before then were just really wavy and the new ones growin in stayed wavy because i straightened so much. braidouts don't work for me anymore, i don't like straw sets,

leaving my hair out now is just plain crazy! but also brushing it back into a bun/ponytail has been killing me!! it hurts and i lose hair(yes i do it wen its wet and still)! i just have tender hair

so.. i would love to do the BC like ASAP... this weekend, christmas vacation would be awesome so i can start the new years out new and improved! but i am so afraid about the length

my length will probably be like a twa... i wish i had pics so u can get more of a visual, maybe two-three inches when it dries?(mostly 3c little spirals) my hair is unpredictable too, sometimes it gets in an afro-like posiition, sometimes the curls just fall. it will be short, i've had short before and HATED IT!

however i dont want to wait. i want my BC NOWWW!!! if i just put a tiny headband on and let my curls go crazyin the back it could be good, i just know there will be tears.

transitioning ladies, ever just forget about the deadline and go balls out?! any advice? wat about the stupid comments OMG YOUR HAIR IS SO SHORT! how do you deal with them? i hate those. help please and give me advice! i feel like if i wait 6 more motnhs i may give in and relax!
natural 3c/4a hair. last relaxer was in sept. 06. real transition started june 07. minimal flat ironing/heat. BC- dec. 1 07!!! =) no routine just experimenting with different products & daily cowash. :toothy7: LOVE BEING CURLY BABY!!


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    **right now my natural hair is about 4-5 inches actually but my little baby hairs in the front are like 2-3 inches ugh those annoying little cute things lol
    natural 3c/4a hair. last relaxer was in sept. 06. real transition started june 07. minimal flat ironing/heat. BC- dec. 1 07!!! =) no routine just experimenting with different products & daily cowash. :toothy7: LOVE BEING CURLY BABY!!
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    I can't really help you because I'm in the same boat. My relaxed hair is breaking off more and more and I can't take it anymore. I can only wear my hair in a ponytail. I hate doing that. I called yesterday and made an appt. for my BC. I'm kind of leaning on the hope that my hair at the top will curl instead of doing this wave thing. There's a lot of good people on here to help with info on what to do so don't give up on going curly. My new growth already feels better.
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    I'm getting that you have a goal to fully transition when you have acceptable length (whatever that means to you), but that the frustration of caring for your hair is accelerating you to BC before you're ready and have reached your length goal. And that this push is causing stress.

    Two questions --

    What care do you need to take to hang onto your transition for longer?

    Or -- can you imagine yourself feeling comfortable and beautiful in a TWA? And can you imagine your growth path from there and what professional will support you?

    You seem driven to BC but at the same time sound really anxious, fearful and uncomfortable about the result. Why not take a step back from the stress of this decision, sit down quietly and ask yourself "what outcome for my hair do I really want, and what action would I feel comfortable doing that would support that? Do I have the resources I need to take action?"

    There's no right or wrong about what you do in transition -- whether it's flatironing, blowdrying, roller setting, wrapping, baggying, protective braids -- as long as it promotes the health of your hair.
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