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so i'm watching jeopardy tonight with my husband
(don't read further if it hasn't aired in your area and you plan to watch and don't want to know about any answers/questions :))

and the answer is basically "bat poop" (i don't remember word for word) and i immediately answer "guano"..! it was a nice moment to know the term for bat poop ;)

oh, the things one learns from :lol:
Poodlehead wrote:
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:


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    The word guano always reminds me of Ace Ventura

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    Next on Jeopardy:

    "I'll take 'Bad Hair Day for a thousand, Alex'"

    "Sulfates, silicones, hair brushes..."

    "What things should never touch curly hair?"

    "Correct, for a thousand dollars! Please select again."


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    The word guano always reminds me of Ace Ventura

    ditto :laughing9:.
    It's five o'clock somewhere! ctail.gif

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