Funeral Protestors in my town

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Thankfully there were not many, and they were driven out quickly. I was downtown today and there were tons of counter-protesters with 'We Support our Troops' signs, gay support signs, etc. Everyone who drove by honked their horns.
Protesters Gather Outside Soldier's Funeral

POSTED: 4:43 pm PST November 30, 2007
UPDATED: 5:19 pm PST November 30, 2007

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Protesters and counter-protesters gathered outside the funeral of Sfc. Johnny Walls, 41, who was killed on Nov. 2 during a small-arms fire from enemies in Afghanistan Friday afternoon.

A well-known group of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas who travel across the country protesting homosexuality by staging demonstrations at military funerals was present a few blocks away from Walls' service.

A large group of counter-protesters arrived at the intersection where the four women and one child from the Westboro church were and quickly blocked the church members' signs.

“I think it’s great we're all coming together to show support for the troops and being able to cover these people’s signs with our flags with love and nonviolence,” one protester said.

The Westboro protesters claim God is punishing the United States by killing soldiers because of the country’s tolerance for gays.

“If they don’t repent of their filthy sins, they’ll go to hell. They hate the word of God; it pricks their evil hearts and they’re condemned because they don’t obey it,” one Westboro church member said.

“It’s awful lowdown what they’re doing. They’re denying this fallen hero a right to a Christian burial, and they call themselves Christians,” one protester said.

The Westboro group told police it would stay for an hour, but after 20 minutes it left, being escorted by police.

“Everybody here was full of love today, and I think that's why they ran away,” a protester said.


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    “If they don’t repent of their filthy sins, they’ll go to hell. They hate the word of God; it pricks their evil hearts and they’re condemned because they don’t obey it,” one Westboro church member said.

    I wonder if they will still be blaming them when they are in hell themselves.
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    These people really disgust me. Disgust is not even the word for it. It's well beyond disgust.
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    A grieving family can really do without the Westboro church, in fact the whole world can do without them. That church is all one family isn't it? How do they get new blood in the family? Do people marry into it?

    I saw them on TV a few days ago they're a very angry bunch of people, especially the mother/daughter of the founder.
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    What horrible people - glad they left after only 20 minutes, but I'm sure that must have seemed an eternity to some of the townspeople.
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    Sick fucks
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    Those people make me embarrassed to be from Kansas.

    And I love, Kansas!

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    Really cruel and doesn't bring glory to God at all.
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    What kind on mind can make the leap that dead soldiers are God's punishment for gay tolerance? That leap is so extreme that no intelligent person could come up with that. I guess that answers it...these people have no intelligence whatsoever.

    They are cruel disgusting people that have no compassion or faith in God. God will be the one to sort out right from wrong - not nuts from this "church".
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    WHY are they still at it?
    "what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

    "If you judge people,you have no time to love them"
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