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I'm new to the board so forgive me if this has already been posted. I've been reading some of the other topics and there has been a lot of talk about conditioning and deep conditioning. Most conditioners say to leave it in for 10 mins and wash it out. I usually leave my conditioner in for a lot longer. I've had pple tell me that you can over condition your hair. Is that true? Has anyone ever over conditioned their hair? Mine is pretty dry and in need of moisture. Hell I'm thinking about sleeping in some conditioner. :wink:


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    Hi curlee-b: My hair is dry too. I've been trying to do lots of deep conditioning but at the same time be mindful of the ingredients in my conditioners (i.e. protein, cones, alcohol, etc.). I think if you are using all natural products like honey & olive oil you are safe from over conditioning.....that's just my opinion.

    In summation, I think it's the ingredients in conditioners and shampoos that can be harmful if used excessively.

    Hope that helps!

    4A&B -- Henna and the entire Essential Balms product line; lately Carol's Daughter honey mimosa & black vanilla leave-in. Staple products are SheaMoisture, Aubrey Organics and Trader Joes Norish Spa conditioner, ACV and IC Fantasia Gel. I'm also Mixtress (I love making my own hair concoctions :glasses9:)

    Be encouraged -- Cuzz Fuzz is what it Duzz!!


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