Data disaster in UK!

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Have you all read about the "data disaster" in the UK--exposure of electronically stored personal data for half the population?

Yee yee yee yeeikes!

I'm thinking the new terrorism will be electronic.
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    Castella wrote:

    I'm thinking the new terrorism will be electronic.

    It is already here. Called spam.
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    I've read about it, but then I'm British. ;) Fortunately I'm not affected by it. Hopefully there won't be too much identity fraud as a result.
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    Thanks for mentioning this story. it's not on Google or Yahoo. I found it on C-Net when I did a search.
    Cable also slammed the failure to use encryption technology to secure the data on the lost CDs and said most data being shipped around in government is not being encrypted

    That's plain old incompetence that this info is not encrypted. The person responsible should take the hit.
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    I found the story on but I used to post links to those and a few people didn't like it as a source for news, I think.

    link to MSNBC story

    It scares the beheehees out of me. Not just because of the identify theft potential but because so much is electronically driven. I worry about the security of other stuff, like weapons and nuclear information. Aren't spies always losing their laptops, too? I remember a story about that.
    formerly Castella
    (my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)
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    Very scary.

    I'm going to bury my head now and not think about it.
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