How much KCCC do you use at a time?

I have only tried this stuff a few times... today it worked great, although i felt like I overdosed on it! I just grabbed a huge glob out of the tub!!

It was suuuuper crunchy, but I of course scrunched that out already and it looks good. I just wonder if I could have used less and gotten the same effect.

I have just past shoulder length hair.

And I noticed something else today - i cannot use [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] with anything too oily underneath(ex: JC products).... the opposite goes for CK - I need a little oil (from JC products) or lots of moisture underneath and I seem to get about the same effect!
3b, and increasingly c pieces... my curls will always be a little confused, but that is just fine!
PW: naturallycurly


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