Satin or Silk?

I'm thinking of buying satin or silk pillowcases. Is it worth it to invest in the silk ones, or are the satin ones still good?


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    Satin is made from silk...or polyester or nylon or rayon. It's not an either/or. You just need the fabric to be a type of satin. It can be any kind of satin you like. Silk satin is more luxurious than others. Satin refers to the way the fabric is woven. Silk/poly/nylon/rayon refers to the raw materials the fabric is made from.

    (My satin pillowcases are all polyester and work well. It's a personal decision.)

  • 2poodles2poodles Registered Users Posts: 2,485 Curl Connoisseur
    I don't have the pure silk ones. I have poly satin. Works for me! The right pillowcase really does help with the quest for 2nd and 3rd day hair.
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    I have one of each. I got one from I got another from Sally Beauty Supply.

    I think my hair on the satin one is noisier, which drives me crazy sometimes when trying to sleep.

    The silk needs cold water, delicate wash with a bag or hand wash, & air dry.

    The satin one needs cold water too, but I use a regular wash & a bag.

    I think the satin one can go in the dryer. :dontknow:
  • starinastarina Registered Users Posts: 665 Curl Neophyte
    Poly satin works perfect for me and it can be washed in the washer and thrown in the dryer. You can find them at the dollar stores cheap! You really just need something that has a very smooth finish to it.
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    I sleep on a silk charmeuse. I had a polyester satin and it wasn't right for me.
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    Satin is a synthetic fibre, so it can make you sweat. I used the satin at first, but found that it made me sweat ...

    Silk ones can be very costly, but silk charmeuse isn't too bad. The silk charmeuse pillow cases that I have are 60% cotton and 40% cotton. I really like them. They are great for your hair and skin and are a natural fibre, rather than the synthetic.

    If you want to stay away from synthetic fibres, don't just depend on "charmeuse". I made that mistake. I read the package quickly and didn't realize that what I was buying was satin. It was a nicer finished satin, but satin nonetheless.

    I like to stay to the natural fibres when I can, but if the satin doesn't bother you ... it is cheaper!.

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    I have both. I don't like the poly satin causes hair static for me. The silk one I DO like.
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    Right now I am sleeping on a nylon pillow case. It is working well for me and no sweating.
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