How do you "clean" your hair when it gets funky(gr

I've tried the baking soda and water and the lemon/condish wash and it seems like neither of those quite do the trick. What do you all do to get your hair back to feeling clean without totally stripping it?


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    sulfate free shampoo
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    It depends on the issue I'm having with my hair. The baking soda usually does the trick, but every few months I use a non-sulfate shampoo. I use it very gently and only on my scalp. It really does a number on my hair, though, so I try to use the shampoo as little as possible.

    If I'm getting flaky, I like to exfoliate by mixing brown sugar with my conditioner when doing the conditioner wash. Makes a nice body scrub as well!

    I've never tried it, but several other members use an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse.
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