CHI CURL PRESERVE SYSTEM, i tought about buying it...

so i was wondering if somebody here had used it and could tell me if its worth its money...

i got this from the chi webside .....

thank you :cheese:


CHI Curl Preserve is a low pH system that works to establish the optimum moisture level in curly or wavy hair to create beautifully defined, frizz-free curls.

Developed with the Ceramino Interlink Complex, hair is infused with CHI 44 Ceramic Technology, amino acids and proteins to give strength and protection while balancing moisture composition to an optimum level.

The result is soft, supple, well-defined, frizz-free curls and waves


  • dutch girldutch girl Posts: 150Registered Users
    well i haven't tried the curl line, but i did try the infra line, then i started reading labels and found that there is a lot of crap in their products. i bought the shampoo, conditioner, silk and some styling products and had to trow them all out. my advice is for the money you have to pay for those products you can find better ones. HTH
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  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Well, their specialty seems to be straightening hair (which they're quite good for), so I would be watchful of their curl products. I would worry they'd be loaded with cones, although of course I can't know for sure without seeing the ingredients.
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  • eden28eden28 Posts: 30Registered Users
    thank you for the replies,
    i have the silk infusion stuff and i love it , it works wonders when i flat iron my hair straight ,

    sometimes i don't know what i want , i don't like my curls then i straight them out , cause its so easy get up in the morning but it in a ponytail and go ,

    but then after a few days i dint like it no more and i want my curls back , i still haven't found the right curl supplies for my hair yet ,
    there is so much stuff , and i really don't have the money to try out a lots of different stuff ,
    i have 3b 3c hair , that's half dead ,mabe i would like my curls better ,
    if i found me something that works for my hair
  • Susanq8Susanq8 Posts: 1Registered Users
    I tried the Shampoo and the leav-in conditioner. The shampoo is good and it doesn't dry the hair and "defines" my curls. For the leav-in condtioner it comes as spray and it really "define" the curls and makes the hair really soft but it doesn't keep the definition for long time it can be messed up by little turn of the head so it is a conditioner and it defines but you might want to use styling product like gel to hold the style as desired.
  • CubanwavyCubanwavy Posts: 293Registered Users
    I use LA Looks Nutra Curl and it is wonderful. The gel gives the hold and control without the crunch or stiffness and leaves hair shiny and bouncy. I apply it to damp hair.

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