Wal-Mart alternative to Paul Mitchell Shine Spray?

Help! Is there a cheap alternative to the Paul Mitchell Shine Spray that I could buy at Wal-Mart? This stuff costs a fortune at the salon.

I like it because it gives me some shine on "finished" hair, and helps get rid of that crispy feeling caused by the gel....
3B Curls, inverted bob haircut.
Suave co-wash, B2B pom CO, gel brand varies.
Apply gel, clip hair off forehead with claw clip, and air dry.


  • curlygirlymecurlygirlyme Posts: 1,340Registered Users
    Can I ask if you have any pictures up? I was thinking about getting a curly bob myself.
    But not to get off topic have you thought about using something like jojoba oil. You can get like 4-6oz for about 5 dollars (desert essence brand) online and at health food stores. If you like you might check out the Hair Recipe Forum. They make all kinds of cool stuff over there and I think I remember seeing something like a shine enhancing spray.

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