To Part or Not to Part

Hi Curlies. Question: Do you part your hair? If so, is it a straight line or more of a zig zag? Or do you just let it fall where it may?

I part my hair on the side...perhaps more out of habit than anything (and I read somewhere that a side part brings more attention to your eyes). My natural part is off center, i.e., in between a middle and side part. Sometimes in pics or movies, I see curly girls who don't really part their hair, they just let it flow back. However, my hair tends to fall in my eyes if I do that. But I haven't really experimented much.

I also notice that sometimes, if I part my hair on the left, then flip it all to the right, it has more body. So I am rethinking where/if to part. I have the problem where the hair on my crown is flatter and less curly than the rest (even when I use the clip technique, which I haven't really mastered). I wonder if the problem is that my part is too severe or something?



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    I'm in the fall where it may camp. After I scrunch upside down with a MF towel, I straighten up and shake my head back to get the hair out of my face. That shows me where my "part" wants to be that day. I may move a few curls back or to the side. The end result is a high uneven part just to the right of center. I gently scrunch to encourage the curls, put a few clips in the top and either air dry or diffuse for a few minutes. (Now that it's cold out in the morning I've been diffusing almost every day. In the summer I let it air dry 100% of the time.)
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    I don't part my hair. I don't like it when it parts, because it seems too flat on top. I like having a little bit of hair height on top, but it will part if it gets too long. That's when it's time for a trim. When it does part the natural location is a little left of center and it is usually straight.
    On a good day with no part it flows back either with some bangs or no bangs.
    My biggest problem is having a flat or bald spot at the crown.
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    Oooo good question! I part on the side. My hair will only work being parted on the right side though. If I try to switch the part to the left it won't fall right and actually feels really weird. I do try to part a little higher (meaning closer to the middle), because otherwise it makes my face shape look even rounder. Or so I've been told!

    I've been wondering if I should be a little more relaxed about the whole part thing though. Think that could be why I have a flatness problem on top?
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    I try to do the 'fall where it may' routine as well. I do like the zigzag part if you colour or highlight. I also find that the zigzag gives some extra body/height on the top of my head.

    My hair clumps really well ... sometimes too well. I can end up with big clumps near my face, that aren't always the most flattering. My hair tends to want to curl towards my face, rather than away from it. If it is doing that after I've scrunched with a MF towel, I flip it to the other side ... changing my part ... It usually solves the problem and I end up with more height as well.

    Long story short .. curls normally determine the location, if any, of my part .... I've given up control to them. :laughing9:
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    I do both. I sometimes part it to the side but it's more of a sloppy part, more natural looking. At times, I just let it do it's own thing and just style it as is. My hair seems to favor the right side. :smile:
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    when I'm having a good hair day, it just falls where it wants and usually curly from the roots down. Not so good days, it parts down the middle and flatter :(

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