BIG Ol' Haul to feed the PJ in me....

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Hi guys.....I'm tweaking things again.....sigh....I had gone back to cones when I went back to work in the salon, and now I miss my waves....they're still there but not as I thought I would work out a plan to be modified CG and stay wavy. Luckily I'm a stylist, and have access to all the products my inner pj could want either at the salon I manage or the local beauty supply house. sigh.....if I had stayed cg or modified cg or co I would be so much better off now, but here's a pic of my hair today.....I co'd using b2b pom condish then put in KY jelly (!!!!) on sopping wet hair (curiosity killed the cat anyway) and topped that off with Joico Joiwhip mousse, plopped awhile and airdried, then diffused the rest of the way using the pixiecurl's my hair today WOW I loved it! I will say that my waves were still frizz free at the end of the day but had relaxed a little bit, all in all a good day for my hair for the most part....


Anyway, researching on here mostly I got a list of stuff I wanted to get to try and here's what I've bought from my salon and the beauty supply house over the last few days.....Christmas is early for me are great when my pj takes over.....

1. B2B Pom condish
2. B2B Jasmine shampoo and condish
3. B2B Sunflower leave in
4. B2B Blue Lavendar Shampoo (sulfate free!)
5. B2B Citrus/Sage Shampoo (for times when I want to clarify
6. Joico Joiwhip mousse (OMG The SMELL! YUM!)
7. Iso Bouncy spray
8. Iso Bouncy Creme
9. GW Making waves Gel

I already had PM round trip, KMS curl balm, Tigi Catwalk Curl Amplifier, Aura hypoallergenic gel, Biolage Curl defining creme, and [buylink=]Jessicurl Aloeba[/buylink] and Too Shea. OMG My pj is sighing in pleasure at the moment....LOL.....I can't wait to experiment!

Here's what I plan to do....

1. Shampoo with sulfate free stuff every other day
2. Clarify once a week probably (we have hard water and EVERYTHING builds up on me so this is a must)
3. CO every other day with B2B jasmine or pom probably
4. Use my [buylink=]aloeba[/buylink] on my scalp mixed with tea tree for itchies
5. I always dilute my shampoo too

I didn't have too many itchies today so I should be ok. I can't wait to find a good routine with the products I have in my rotation (including the KY Jelly LOL.....) and thanks for letting me share!

Sorry so long.....anyone have any good recs as far as what order to do this in and what to combine? I do have a lot of fine/med hair that I color and my wave falls flat at the drop of a pin....or the I need enhancement and hold. Thanks again!
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